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GG 0746S 001

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The frame is specially designed for men. Sporting clear lines, New School Cool meets traditional quality. Wearing full rim eyewear, you make it unmistakably clear that you are going the whole hog. The rectangular shape of the frame exudes self-confidence and power. Especially for round shaped faces, the rectangle is a perfect counterpoint. Plastic frames like these combine durability and are comfortable to wear. The GG0746S is a very snug fit on the ears and nose.

Black is one of the undisputed classics. It can be combined with any outfit and simultaneously radiates elegance and naturalness. The fact that the colour grey matches everything, also applies to sunglass lenses. They suit everything in your wardrobe and never go out of fashion. This brand of sunglasses, of course, also provides your eyes with optimum UV400 protection.

Out of stock

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